Valente Contract takes care of all the steps to be followed so as to reach an optimal solution that will not fail to keep the customer satisfied.  


Consultancy Our professional advice aims to provide customer-oriented solutions throughout the "DESIGN" phase, centering on what we can truly offer to meet your needs.

Inspection For the purposes of an accurate planning and design, it is essential to make a thorough assessment of the interiors in order to collect data accurately that will then be carefully studied.

Engineering The next step is to design the most suitable furniture solutions taking into account the needs of the customer, and using the modern systems for scale drawings and 3D design, as a three-dimensional vision affords an even more effective overview.

Production We carefully supervise and coordinate the works during each stage of production and preparation of the units, which is carried out with a great deal of care and attention, checking the degree of workmanship and the attention to the detail of the trims directly in our factory.

Delivery Our furniture supplies are delivered and installed directly at your site, taking care to make sure it is delivered on time and offering assistance by focusing on the delicate stage of assembly.

When all these elements come together then a "CUSTOM" furniture set has been supplied that is also really functional and in good taste.